Age of Mortals

Key of Destiny

Movement in the Shadows

As the characters entered the city they took notice that they were being watched. While Caius and Finalis decided if they should pursue the shadowy figure keeping an eye on them or not he disappeared once again into the shadows. Graham however had no interest on pursuing a shadowy figure into what could be an ambush for all he knew and felt that he needed a warm drink and a place to rest his short legs and get some warms from the biting cold for a bit, a place where there would be other people around to stay out of troubles way and so went into a small tavern.

The group decided to follow except for Finalis who was intent on sneaking up on their unknown observer and questioning him, but the observer seemed always one step ahead and so Finalis abandoned this motive and opted to join the party for a warm drink instead. Once the party felt ready to be on their feet once again and asked the value of some wine obtained from Pegrin’s stash they were once again on their way. They occasionally glimpsed the shady figure as they came to the Five Dragons Inn & Tavern where Graham stabled their horse and the party headed in for another warm drink, a meal, and some socializing before a comfortable nights stay.

The next morning the party prepared themselves for a day of seeking for answers and rewards and headed out into Pashin. They first went to the Bazaar where they pawned of some supplies and acquired some new ones. Once finished with this they head to the Dark Knight Headquarters in search of their reward from Captain Whyndam but were informed by a Dark Knight Sentry that he would be at the Mayor’s Manor. He explained that the Whyndam is actually the newly-appointed caption of the recently formed town watch and that he was merely here last time on business and so was refereed to when the characters were asking of something the Dark Knights felt would be better handed by the town watch then their own men.

The characters then headed to the Mayor’s Manor where they spoke to the captain and claimed their reward of 100 steel as promised. They then went in search for the Herald at The Wounded Crow. The characters spoke to the Herald and allowed him to examine the music box they had obtained from Pegrin’s camp. The Herald explained to the characters the object was important, that is was the fabled Key of Quinari and that is had been passed down the line of female elven royalty, last owned by Alhana Starbreeze. The Herald then left informing the characters that he was leaving town.

The characters were informed by the owner of the establishment, Blackbird, that he may have information for them. Being a half-ogre Graham felt disgusted to even have words with the man and so left the bar leaving the other characters to talk to him. After many prodding questions and the exchanging of some coin to get answers Blackbird told the party of some useful information.

Blackbird explained the Dark Knights population nearly doubled in the last few months while the elven population drained to almost nothing. He told of the increased tension in the city, exclaiming that the city was once the headquarters of the Green Dragonarmy, and that it had suffered greatly at the hand of the Dragon Highlord, Salah. He told that the people of the town were not enthralled to once again feel as if they were in a similar situation only with Dark Knights this time instead. He spoke of the Dark Knights constant patrols sent around the city in order to keep an eye out for raiders, both Khur nomads and potential minotaur incursions.

Blackbird also exclaimed that the mayor of the town has closed himself away in his manor, that he refuses to see anyone for any reason. Meanwhile, the leader of the Dark Knights, General Dogah, has taken a more active role in the leadership of the town, although it seems he is pursuing his own private agenda. He exclaimed that Mayor Togh is terrified of the Dark Knights, which is why he has been hiding in his manor for the last few weeks. The mayor has been sending messages to his distant relative the Khan of Khur in Khuri-Khan, but odds are these have been intercepted by the Dark Knights as they already have agents in Khuri-Khan who are petitioning the Khan for the right to permanently establish themselves in Pashin. He explained that Togh is not as big a coward as he seems to be though. He’s been purposefully distracting the Dark Knights with the messages hes been sending to his distant cousin, the Khan. The mayor has also made contact with the Legion of Steel in Khuri-Khan, whose members are also eager to see the Dark Knights ousted from the town.

Blackbird told the party that the Legion of Steel used to be very active in Pashin, which served as one of their outpost in the region. At about the same time that the elves first appeared in Pashin, most of the Legion had apparently left for Ak-Khurman, the center of all Legionnaire activities in the area. He told that one could possibly contact the Legion of Steel through the half-ogre mystic that operates the store Old Omar’s Oddities in the Merchant District.

Lastly, Blackbird informed the party that there are still elves in Pashin; they have taken to disguising themselves as lepers in order to hide from prosecution at the hands of the Dark Knights. He explained that he elves in Pashin have gone “underground,” keeping an eye out for any of their brethren captured by the Dark Knights. He said that there are rumors the elves suffer a strange affliction, a disease that requires them to wear heavy robes. He said it is believed that the elves are hiding in the sewers, although where they have hidden themselves is unclear. Rumor say that there used to be an ancient shrine to Morgion in the sewers, a shrine that was cleansed following the War of the Lance.

Once the party had received all this information they felt a need to seek out the Elves to inquire further about the music box, but were unsure of how to get into the sewers. Knowing that the Captain of the Guard might be able to help them they headed back to the Mayor’s Manor where they spoke to Whyndam once again and exclaimed that they believed there to be Elves hiding in the sewers and that they needed to contact them. Whyndam informed the group that he was unable to help in this matter as even he and his fellow guards did not know of where the entrances to the sewers were as they have been covered by dirt and such since they were built long ago in ages past and have not been maintained by the current city-folk.

The group now searches for where to go next and how to get where they seek.



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