Age of Mortals

Key of Destiny pt 3

Captured by Dark Knights

Still unable to get the location of a way into the sewers, the characters left the shop hoping to resume their hunt of finding a way there. Soon after leaving the shop however, as the characters were walking by an alleyway, they heard a furious bellow (much like the call of a wounded bull) echoing from it. Just as they turned to see what was going on, an enormous ogre came barreling out, arms swinging as he went to attack the party.

While able to tell the ogre was obviously drunk, the characters also knew that killing someone on the streets, even in self-defense, is sure to draw the attention of the Dark Knights. Having been told that this is something most people want to avoid the characters decided to retreat to an alleyway where they could dispatch the ogre without drawing as much attention. Unfortunately Graham, reveling in an opportunity to fight and perhaps kill an ogre, decided to forgo this plan and attack the ogre head on. Immediately after subduing the ogre, a Dark Knight patrol came across the party attempting to flee the scene and they were captured.

After escorting the characters through the streets of Pashin and into the Dark Knight’s compound, the characters were placed into a prison camp. After hearing one of the guards insinuate that the General Dogan would decide their fate the next day and that this night would probably be their last, the characters, with the help of the ogre, broke free of their manacles and worked on scouting the camp for perhaps a key to their cell.

The characters were approached by an elf who seemed to come directly out of a shadow itself, and he helped them escape the prison with the help of some magic, exclaiming that they had been summoned to see Shaylin. After sneaking, invisible, to the armory of the camp, the characters were able to re-obtain their gear along with some extra sets of armor and shields that they wore to look like Dark Knights themselves in case they would be seen.

The characters made their way back to the prison camp and over to a wall next to one of the cities artesian wells, where it was revealed there to be, under the dirt, a trap door into the sewers. The elf lowered a rope into the sewers and told the characters to head towards the southern area of the sewers, giving them a symbol to look for (being the elvish symbol for “the way is clear”). The ogre ran off a this time to join the distraction created by the elves brethren. After the characters had descended into the sewers the elf pulled up the rope telling the characters that he to would go join the distraction, and closed the trap door leaving the characters in darkness.



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