Age of Mortals

Key of Destiny pt 3
Captured by Dark Knights

Still unable to get the location of a way into the sewers, the characters left the shop hoping to resume their hunt of finding a way there. Soon after leaving the shop however, as the characters were walking by an alleyway, they heard a furious bellow (much like the call of a wounded bull) echoing from it. Just as they turned to see what was going on, an enormous ogre came barreling out, arms swinging as he went to attack the party.

While able to tell the ogre was obviously drunk, the characters also knew that killing someone on the streets, even in self-defense, is sure to draw the attention of the Dark Knights. Having been told that this is something most people want to avoid the characters decided to retreat to an alleyway where they could dispatch the ogre without drawing as much attention. Unfortunately Graham, reveling in an opportunity to fight and perhaps kill an ogre, decided to forgo this plan and attack the ogre head on. Immediately after subduing the ogre, a Dark Knight patrol came across the party attempting to flee the scene and they were captured.

After escorting the characters through the streets of Pashin and into the Dark Knight’s compound, the characters were placed into a prison camp. After hearing one of the guards insinuate that the General Dogan would decide their fate the next day and that this night would probably be their last, the characters, with the help of the ogre, broke free of their manacles and worked on scouting the camp for perhaps a key to their cell.

The characters were approached by an elf who seemed to come directly out of a shadow itself, and he helped them escape the prison with the help of some magic, exclaiming that they had been summoned to see Shaylin. After sneaking, invisible, to the armory of the camp, the characters were able to re-obtain their gear along with some extra sets of armor and shields that they wore to look like Dark Knights themselves in case they would be seen.

The characters made their way back to the prison camp and over to a wall next to one of the cities artesian wells, where it was revealed there to be, under the dirt, a trap door into the sewers. The elf lowered a rope into the sewers and told the characters to head towards the southern area of the sewers, giving them a symbol to look for (being the elvish symbol for “the way is clear”). The ogre ran off a this time to join the distraction created by the elves brethren. After the characters had descended into the sewers the elf pulled up the rope telling the characters that he to would go join the distraction, and closed the trap door leaving the characters in darkness.

Key of Destiny pt2
Legionnaire Rebel

Unable to get the information they were in seek of about the locations of a way into the sewer system of Pashin, the characters decided to spend some time asking around to see if they could find anyone in the town square area that knew. After about an hour of asking around the area they found themselves unable to procure an answer and so set out to the Merchant District to ask around there.

While walking through the Merchant District the characters heard a loud commotion. Suddenly, a figure, dressed as a peasant with a heavy cloak to ward off the cold, came barreling out of a building. Seconds after the peasant ran out of the building, it exploded in a fiery conflagration. Flaming debris showered the party as the peasant was thrown off his feet and came crashing into the midst of the party, having been caught by the blast.

The peasant quickly explained that he is a freedom fighter and that he destroyed a warehouse used by the Dark Knights to store munitions. The man begged the characters to help him get away, as there was already a crowd gathering and it would not be long before a Dark Knight Patrol or the City Watch would show up. Offering the characters 200 steel to help him get to the Five Dragons, the characters decided to slip the peasant through the back alleyways.

Noticing that they were being followed by two shadows, the characters decided to confront their followers and found them to be the two sons of the man they were escorting. Over their fathers protest, the boys explained that their father had started working for the Legion of Steel, despite their mothers protest, and that she had sent them to keep an eye on her father, who’s got more heart then brains.

The characters finished making it to the Five Dragons where the man explained his name to be Jacob, and told the characters the truth that the warehouse was empty and had been set up as a trap to catch any rebels. After answering some questions for the party, Jacob’s sons offered to take their father home. Jacob did promise the characters payment, and so took a medallion shaped like a starjewel (the symbol of the Legion) and gave it to the characters. He told them that if they take the medallion to a place called Old Omar’s Oddities in the Merchant District and tell the half-ogre Klaudia they were sent by Jacob, they would receive their reward for helping.

The characters made their way back to the Merchant District where they sought out Old Omar’s Oddities and were greeted by Klaudia. Upon seeing another half-ogre Graham immediately left to wait outside as dealing with anyone that has ogre blood is considered to him a grave disgust. The characters gave the medallion to Klaudia who gave the characters a package containing the steel promised along with Jacobs armor and weapon. She explained that Jacob decided to no longer work in the field and also answered some question for the party.

Key of Destiny
Movement in the Shadows

As the characters entered the city they took notice that they were being watched. While Caius and Finalis decided if they should pursue the shadowy figure keeping an eye on them or not he disappeared once again into the shadows. Graham however had no interest on pursuing a shadowy figure into what could be an ambush for all he knew and felt that he needed a warm drink and a place to rest his short legs and get some warms from the biting cold for a bit, a place where there would be other people around to stay out of troubles way and so went into a small tavern.

The group decided to follow except for Finalis who was intent on sneaking up on their unknown observer and questioning him, but the observer seemed always one step ahead and so Finalis abandoned this motive and opted to join the party for a warm drink instead. Once the party felt ready to be on their feet once again and asked the value of some wine obtained from Pegrin’s stash they were once again on their way. They occasionally glimpsed the shady figure as they came to the Five Dragons Inn & Tavern where Graham stabled their horse and the party headed in for another warm drink, a meal, and some socializing before a comfortable nights stay.

The next morning the party prepared themselves for a day of seeking for answers and rewards and headed out into Pashin. They first went to the Bazaar where they pawned of some supplies and acquired some new ones. Once finished with this they head to the Dark Knight Headquarters in search of their reward from Captain Whyndam but were informed by a Dark Knight Sentry that he would be at the Mayor’s Manor. He explained that the Whyndam is actually the newly-appointed caption of the recently formed town watch and that he was merely here last time on business and so was refereed to when the characters were asking of something the Dark Knights felt would be better handed by the town watch then their own men.

The characters then headed to the Mayor’s Manor where they spoke to the captain and claimed their reward of 100 steel as promised. They then went in search for the Herald at The Wounded Crow. The characters spoke to the Herald and allowed him to examine the music box they had obtained from Pegrin’s camp. The Herald explained to the characters the object was important, that is was the fabled Key of Quinari and that is had been passed down the line of female elven royalty, last owned by Alhana Starbreeze. The Herald then left informing the characters that he was leaving town.

The characters were informed by the owner of the establishment, Blackbird, that he may have information for them. Being a half-ogre Graham felt disgusted to even have words with the man and so left the bar leaving the other characters to talk to him. After many prodding questions and the exchanging of some coin to get answers Blackbird told the party of some useful information.

Blackbird explained the Dark Knights population nearly doubled in the last few months while the elven population drained to almost nothing. He told of the increased tension in the city, exclaiming that the city was once the headquarters of the Green Dragonarmy, and that it had suffered greatly at the hand of the Dragon Highlord, Salah. He told that the people of the town were not enthralled to once again feel as if they were in a similar situation only with Dark Knights this time instead. He spoke of the Dark Knights constant patrols sent around the city in order to keep an eye out for raiders, both Khur nomads and potential minotaur incursions.

Blackbird also exclaimed that the mayor of the town has closed himself away in his manor, that he refuses to see anyone for any reason. Meanwhile, the leader of the Dark Knights, General Dogah, has taken a more active role in the leadership of the town, although it seems he is pursuing his own private agenda. He exclaimed that Mayor Togh is terrified of the Dark Knights, which is why he has been hiding in his manor for the last few weeks. The mayor has been sending messages to his distant relative the Khan of Khur in Khuri-Khan, but odds are these have been intercepted by the Dark Knights as they already have agents in Khuri-Khan who are petitioning the Khan for the right to permanently establish themselves in Pashin. He explained that Togh is not as big a coward as he seems to be though. He’s been purposefully distracting the Dark Knights with the messages hes been sending to his distant cousin, the Khan. The mayor has also made contact with the Legion of Steel in Khuri-Khan, whose members are also eager to see the Dark Knights ousted from the town.

Blackbird told the party that the Legion of Steel used to be very active in Pashin, which served as one of their outpost in the region. At about the same time that the elves first appeared in Pashin, most of the Legion had apparently left for Ak-Khurman, the center of all Legionnaire activities in the area. He told that one could possibly contact the Legion of Steel through the half-ogre mystic that operates the store Old Omar’s Oddities in the Merchant District.

Lastly, Blackbird informed the party that there are still elves in Pashin; they have taken to disguising themselves as lepers in order to hide from prosecution at the hands of the Dark Knights. He explained that he elves in Pashin have gone “underground,” keeping an eye out for any of their brethren captured by the Dark Knights. He said that there are rumors the elves suffer a strange affliction, a disease that requires them to wear heavy robes. He said it is believed that the elves are hiding in the sewers, although where they have hidden themselves is unclear. Rumor say that there used to be an ancient shrine to Morgion in the sewers, a shrine that was cleansed following the War of the Lance.

Once the party had received all this information they felt a need to seek out the Elves to inquire further about the music box, but were unsure of how to get into the sewers. Knowing that the Captain of the Guard might be able to help them they headed back to the Mayor’s Manor where they spoke to Whyndam once again and exclaimed that they believed there to be Elves hiding in the sewers and that they needed to contact them. Whyndam informed the group that he was unable to help in this matter as even he and his fellow guards did not know of where the entrances to the sewers were as they have been covered by dirt and such since they were built long ago in ages past and have not been maintained by the current city-folk.

The group now searches for where to go next and how to get where they seek.

The Sylvan Key pt4
Pegrin's Camp

The characters knowing the direction of Pegrin’s Camp from the town and having a map of the camp itself felt ready to set out to the camp but needed to find where their Dwarf friend, Graham had gone off to during his recovery from his injuries.

After locating him at a local inn the characters made their way to the headquarters of the Nights of Neraka in order to find if they could receive assistance in dealing with these Pegrin and his men being former Dark Knights turned bandit. The characters were referred to the captain of the town watch, Captain Whyndam, who told them there was no help to spare, but they would be gladly be granted a 100 steel reward if they could eliminate Pegrin’s gang and bring back three jade statues hes known to carry as proof.

The characters made their way towards the camp and found the tracks of Pegrin’s men, they decided to wait and ambush the men if they made a path back towards the city to perhaps rob another person. However after waiting for a while the characters saw no one pass and decided to continue their trek to the camp before nightfall while they could still see where they are going.

Upon arriving at the camp the characters decided to split into two groups, one would charge in the front while one would sneak behind and attack the bandits once lured out from their rear. This plan however backfired, as the group found themselves unable to keep up with their one member who owned a horse, Darren, as he ran into position to loop around behind the camp. Unknown to Darren who was unable to see the rest of the party falling behind, he ran closer to the camp while circling around into position then he realized and was spotted by one of Pegrin’s sentries. The sentry immediately blew a hunting horn that he was equipped with as an alarm to alert the entire camp.

Fighting became hectic as the entire party heard the horn blown and knew of their element of surprise lost. They quickly attempted to rush into position but found themselves spread far to thin and many of them were still quite far from reaching the camp. Darren found himself quickly outnumbered and outmatched as he was single-handedly engaged with four enemies. Pegrin seeing Darren quickly dispatch two of his men, enraged and charged Darren headstrong bringing his sword upon him with a mighty blow knocking him unconscious and off his horse.

The rest of the group unable to help Darren stabilize from his dying state ran in and engaged the rest of the camp bringing down Pegrin’s remaining men while Darren’s horse upset with the loss of his master trampled Pegrin and Derg unconscious. Two more of the party would be knocked unconscious before bringing the rest of the remaining bandits to justice, it was unfortunate that Darren in his unconscious state stopped breathing and was discovered to be dead by the rest of the party once they were able to get to him. The party recovered in the camp, licking their wounds so to speak over the next couple days while thoughtfully investigating and cleaning out the rest of the camp.

The party found and obtained what appears to be the fabled Sylvan Key, but at what cost…?

The Sylvan Key pt3

Caius showed up to the town of Pashin while on a voyage to see different things the world holds. While in the town he had an important object stolen, a medallion from a man named Avestan, his former mentor of combat. He also had money and equipment stolen as well, he was able to locate some of the missing goods that had already been sold to local merchants, but not the most important item to him. The seller was identified as Derg, a member of Pegrin’s gang.

Upon searching for information to determine the location of Pegrin’s camp he learned of the party and their quest so far and decided to join them.

The Sylvan Key pt2
Enter the Herald

Upon interacting with locals townspeople the heroes quickly heard rumors and gossip that the Herald, famed bard and storyteller, had arrived in town. The heroes went looking and found a crowd already formed around him, hoping to be there when he span his next tale.

He began to tell the story of the War of Souls and the characters made note right away that a large number of Dark Knights and their warrior, scattered throughout the audience, did not like the negative manner in which the Knights of Neraka were portrayed in the Herald’s tale. Towards the end, audience members had began exchanging dark looks and clenching their fist and when the Herald reached the point in which the minotaurs “saved” the Dark Knights and annexed the lands of the Silvanesti elves, many in the crowd could not bear to listen any longer. Jeers and catcalls began, while some in the audience scooped up gobs of dirt and flung them at the bard-who continued undistracted in manner of a good performer.

A riot broke loose within the crowd and the characters found themselves in a free-for-all. People began fighting almost randomly and several thugs stuck out against the characters for good reason. The characters drew their weapons and began fighting a group of six thugs who seemed intent in using the situation to rob the characters of some steel pieces. Graham was stabbed by the thugs until unconscious and the party quickly reacted and put the thugs down.

After getting to a local clinic and obtaining some care and a bed for Graham the party talked to the Herald and he explained to them that it was his dream of them that had led him here. He explained of a sylvan key meant for the party falling into the hands of a former squire of the Dark Knights named Pegrin, who became a petty criminal and bandit. He explained how he stole the key from the palace before his cowardly flight from Silvanesti, and that the key, unless recovered would be squandered or abused by the evil man who holds it.

With some information seeking the characters were able to gather that the Pegrin has a camp to the east of town, and that after some much needed rest the party should make for the camp to recover the key.

Finalis was able to contact Kelwick and ask to call in his favor. The kender was able to scout the location of the camp through the evening and provide the characters with a crude map to give the group a tactical advantage.

The Sylvan Key
Afflited and Persecuted

The characters arrived in the town of Pashin. Upon entering they took notice of a filthy Ergothian, dressed in shabby clothes and mismatched armor having an argument with a kender. The man was apparently drunk and accusing the kender’s daughter of stealing his coin pouch. The characters intervened and chased off the Ergothian and his two goons who were accompanying him who were immediately intercepted in their flee by some guards and arrested.

The kender thanked the party for their help and introduced himself as Kelwick and his daughter as Mayleaf. He told the characters that he considers himself indebted to their service and where to find his home if they with to ask for a favor later.

The guards brought the party to their headquarters for questioning and after determining their actions to be hasty but not completely unreasonable allowed the characters to leave with a warning not to be provoking conflicts within the city and to make sure to keep their weapons used for self defense while in the town limits. The characters were able to gather from the guards that they were knights of Neraka who had taken recent garrison in the town establishing a decent hold over the town.


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